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pardon 的另一個常用的意思


你知道 pardon 的另一個常用的意思嗎?


昨天我們談到 I beg your pardon,也仔細地看了beg這個字的用法。今天我們就來看一看pardon 。


可數名詞1 : an act of officially saying that someone who was judged to be guilty of a crime will be allowed to go free and will not be punished 官方的赦免,這是一般人比較不熟悉的用法
▪ The governor granted him a pardon.

▪ She received a presidential/royal pardon. [=a pardon from a president or a king or queen]


2 正式用法:forgiveness for something 原諒
▪ He asked/begged my pardon for taking so much of my time.


Pardon動詞1 : to officially say that someone who is guilty of a crime will be allowed to go free and will not be punished
▪ pardon a criminal 赦免一個罪犯


2 : to say that someone should not be blamed for thinking, doing, or saying something說一個人不應該因為其思考,行為或是說某事而受責備,通常用(be) pardoned for 的形式

▪ Voters can/should/could be pardoned for thinking this election would be different.


3 : to officially say that a person, country, etc., does not have to pay (a debt) 正式(來自官方)的說一個人或是國家不必償還債務
▪ The group wants the debt of the world's poorest countries to be pardoned. [=forgiven]


4 :  used to be polite in asking questions or saying things that could be considered rude 用在問一些被認為是無禮的問題時所用的禮貌性用詞

▪ Pardon my ignorance, but what does “naiveté” mean? 請原諒我的無知,請問“naiveté”(無知,未經世事)是什麼意思呢?

▪ Pardon my asking, but is that your natural hair color?

▪ Pardon my saying so, but you look tired today. = You look tired today, if you'll pardon my saying so.

▪ Pardon me for asking, but how old are you?


pardon me

1  used as a polite way of starting to say something when you are interrupting someone, trying to get someone's attention, or disagreeing with someone 當你打斷別人,要取得別人的注意力或是跟別人持異議時所用的禮貌用語

▪ Pardon me, but can I speak to you privately for a moment?

▪ Pardon me, (but) you dropped this envelope.

▪ Pardon me, but I believe you've made a mistake.


2 也可以只用pardon — used as a polite apology for a minor fault or offense (such as laughing, coughing, or bumping into someone) 因為小小的錯誤或是冒犯他人而使用的禮貌性道歉

▪ Oh, pardon me. I didn't see you standing there.

▪ Pardon—I didn't mean to bump you.


3 也可以用pardon — used as a polite way of asking someone to repeat something spoken 禮貌地請他人再陳述一次剛說過的話

▪ Pardon me? I didn't hear you.

▪ A:“Are you ready to go?”


   A:“I asked if you were ready to go.”


pardon my French

非正式又幽默的表達方式— used to apologize for using offensive language 因為說不雅的用詞而道歉的說法

▪ Everything he said is bullshit. Pardon my French.

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