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兩件值得驕傲的事。今天是國慶日,I am proud to be Taiwanese! 我為什麼不說 a Taiwanese呢?比較下面的兩個句子,意思一樣,但是寫法/說法不同。


I am Taiwanese.

I am a Taiwanese citizen.



來到了加拿大,常常聽當地人說:“I am so proud of my son/daughter!”我實在就是沒有概念,只能笑一笑,點點頭,敷衍敷衍人家、、、、

畢竟在這裡也有一段日子了,慢慢地,我也練習驕傲的感覺。17年了,我昨晚終於體會到“I am proud.”的感受了。




三年來軒爸為了提昇女兒的籃球IQ,不知道耳提面命了幾百次了(外加其他教練的嘮叨),“要穩要沉,運球的時候頭要抬起來,才可以眼觀四面”昨晚軒軒終於明白軒爸的教導,終於懂得把學到的東西運用在球場上。那一剎那,我覺得好以她為榮 I am so proud of her!我終於明白驕傲的感覺。


Proud 形容詞。因為你所做的事,所擁有之物或是你認識的人而感到相當高興愉悅

1 a : very happy and pleased because of something you have done, something you own, someone you know or are related to, etc. : feeling pride 一種自我尊重,並且值得他人尊重的感覺
▪ They are the proud parents of a hero.

▪ I was proud that I never gave in.

▪ She's the proud owner of a new car.


通常後面+ of

▪ I am proud of what we have accomplished.

▪ She's very proud of her daughter.

▪ He has a record to be proud of.


後面有時候接to + verb

▪ I'm proud to know him.

b : causing someone to feel very happy and pleased : causing a feeling of pride
▪ It was one of the proudest moments of my life. [=when I felt most proud]

▪ Her proudest accomplishment was to finish school.


2 disapproving :有負面的意思,傲慢    認為自己比別人好或是重要having or showing the attitude of people who think that they are better or more important than others : having or showing too much pride
▪ He has a proud manner.

▪ a proud and opinionated person


3 : not wanting to lose the respect of other people(不肯失去別人的尊重):not willing to accept help from other people (不肯接受他人的幫忙)
▪ She's too proud to accept their charity.


4 : excellent or impressive 超棒的或是值得讓人敬佩的
▪ They have a proud record of public service.

▪ a proud [=large and impressive] castle


5 literary(文學上的用法),of an animal 用於動物:having a lot of strength and spirit (堅毅高昂)
▪ a proud horse/stallion


do (someone) proud : to give someone a reason to feel proud 給某人感到驕傲的理由
▪ It did me proud [=made me feel proud] to watch her graduate from college.

▪ She did her family proud by standing up for her beliefs.

▪ His performance in the game did us (all) proud.

▪ She did herself proud. [=she did well; she did something that she can be proud of]


proudly 副詞

▪ The new citizen was standing proudly and happily with his family.

▪ He spoke proudly of his son's achievements.

▪ She proudly showed off her awards.

▪ The building stands proudly on a hillside.

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